About Hip Hop-China

Hip Hop-China (https://www.hiphopcn.com.cn) is dedicated to creating a portal website for street dance enthusiasts in China, which shares valuable news and audio and video information about street dance from home and aboard and provides diverse services such as event registration, event live broadcasting, event information inquiry, and sales of street dance-related products!

Nanjing Sidifeiling Sports and Culture Co., Ltd. offers technical and operational support to the platform. The company is a leading Internet-based sports service provider in China, aiming to host world-trendy events. It now holds several IPRs of official events and competitions including Street Dance World Cup, China Street Dance League, and National Street Dance Club.

  • Room 1009, Building No. 15, Sports and Culture Industrial Park, Yuedongxinmenxi, No.52 Fengyousi Street, Qinhuai District, Nanjing.
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